December 31, 2015

Sácale provecho a este 2016

Este 2015 ha estado lleno de más motivaciones que otros años previos. Dicho eso, aun hay varias ideas que han estado en mi mente y que nunca lleve a la práctica. Entonces qué mejor momento que el inicio de un nuevo año para aplicar esas ideas para inspirarse en este nuevo año.

Aquí comparto con ustedes esas ideas, esperando que sean útiles de alguna manera para alguien más.

December 30, 2015

Get Your Game On This 2016

This 2015 has been much more filled with motivation then other previous years. That being said, there are still lots of creative and cute ideas I had going on in my head throughout the year, that I never ended up putting in practice. So what better moment than the start of a fresh new year, and also while I'm on school break, to apply those handy and inspiring ideas into my life.

Here, I share with you those ideas in hopes that they'll be somehow useful to you too:

I have read about these a few years ago and really liked the idea. But of course, if you don't actually DO something to make it happen, it won't magically appear in front of you. This should be kept in mind when using these boards. The main purpose of this board that you fill with images, words and quotes of things you wish to achieve in life or you aspire to will get you nowhere if you just use it as some form of decoration for your room. So you have to really, really take some time to sit down and select the exact content that you're gonna put on there. In some cases it tends to be a better choice to use more general representations then super specific and even more, super harder to achieve goals.

Of course you can modify the content of the board whenever you feel it needs to be updated, be it because you reached a goal on there or simply cause your goals have changed for any reason.

How to get the best out of your vision/inspiration board:

- Avoid filling the board with too many pictures: as this can make it difficult to focus on the key points and goals that your trying take in every time you make eye contact with your vision board.

- Be clear about what you want: if you yourself are not sure about what exactly it is you want to achieve or aspire to accomplish, how is your board gonna be of any help? Take as much time as you need to write down what it is your after, using a draft and making any changes that need to be made before putting together your board.

- Find the perfect place to hang your board: it needs to be at a visible place, so that you can make contact with it on a daily basis. A recommended place would be in your bedroom across your bed or near it, so you see it every night when you go to bed and most importantly every morning when you wake up.

- Place pictures you like of yourself as well: this will help you see yourself as the one having all those things you place the board, instead of just being a simple observer.

- Take action: the board should motivate you to take those necessary steps that will bring you closer to achieving your goals. Use it as what it is, a reminder of why should keep moving forward towards your dreams.

- Share your dreams: some personals stuff may be better kept personal, but if you have a big dream of achieving something outstanding, don't be afraid of sharing it with people you trust, your closest friends and family. Many times you will need some support and might even get more help and make a bigger progress then you expect it.

You can save some money on a calendar by doing one yourself. There are plenty of different printable calendars online, or you can customize your own with Excel and some high quality photos of your choice. 

This last thing it what I'm planning on doing, so I'll be posting the template I use and instructions to print out your own professional looking calendar for this 2016. Look forward to that in an upcoming post (I'll make sure to link here as soon as it's up)

December 25, 2015

New Hair + Christmas Eve Look

December 24, 2015

NYX Lippies Swatches and review + Sally Hansen Polish

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