December 28, 2016

L'oreal Sublime Bronze Gel / Review / Before & After


This product comes in various presentations, I got the gel formula. So this review should be taken in consideration only if you plan on getting the gel.

It comes with 150mL. A very decent amount of product. I used it on my body and face (even if it does say it's especifcally for the face), and it lasted about 10 applications.

-easy to apply
-dries fast
-even application
-natural looking
- good amount of product

-has shimmer (however this almost fully disappears after showering)


It's very important to prepare the skin the day before by expolitating and hydrating. I tried both ways, expolitating before and also simply applying it without exfolitating. And the first time the color was absorbed way much more and you could notice a much more tanner coloring. In the other case, there was bararly any difference.

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Este producto viene en varias presentaciones, compré la versión en gel. Esta reseña por lo tanto además de ser una opinión personal, es para dicha presentación únicamente.

Trae unos 105mL, una cantidad considerable de producto. Lo utilicé en el cuerpo y rostro (a pesar de que diga que es específicamente para el rostro) y rindió unas 10 aplicaciones.

- fácil aplicación
- se seca rápido
- aplicación pareja
- apariencia natural
- precio accesible
- buena cantidad de producto

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