December 22, 2018

Guía de Regalos para Acuario (cosas que amaría recibir de regalo)

1. Caravanas en acero estrella y luna
Esta me pareció una idea re linda, práctica y accesible para regalar (por eso la pongo primera). No hay cosa más acuariana que unas estrellas, lunas o cualquier cosa relacionada al espacio. Están para $290 pesos uruguayos en @symphorine ($247 con Santander).

2. Taza constelaciones

@lapapelaria_uruguay tiene una taza perfecta para los amantes del espacio y la astrología, aunque a un precio bastante elevado ($950 pesos uruguayos). Pero a lo mejor aprovechando algún descuentazo de esos que hay cada tanto la pueden conseguir por menos.

P.d. presiento se viene un DIY pronto de esta taza....atentos.

3. Vaso o taza de Starbucks

Este es un regalo súper práctico para los que aman tomar té, café, jugos (o cualquier otra bebida en vaso con sorbito) y a un precio más accesible que el anterior ($300-$700 pesos uruguayos) con unos cuantos diseños para elegir.

Los pueden conseguir en todos los locales de @starbucksuruguay.

June 19, 2018

Chinchilla 101: What to know if you're planning on getting one + my experience

Fluffy, small and energetic. Those are some words that come to mind when I think about Fifi: my three year old chinchilla.

We got him from a breeder near by. I remember not really knowing what we were even getting when we went with my mom and sister to pick him up (and saw him for the first time). A chinchilla? Like a squirrel but bigger and fluffier?

We had never seen one in person, and were gonna originally get a female chinchilla but the breeder convinced us into getting a male saying they were much calmer and better behaved.

He had them in a big climated room with aisles of cages, and the first one we saw was a mother chinchilla with her two little babies. So adorable.

The breeder opened another cage behind him and grabbed a small chinchilla, about the size of his palm and holding him by his tail he showed him to us to see if we liked him. I always laugh whenever I remember that first time seeing him being shown off like that, poor thing.

We didn't contemplate any other little fur ball, and got him right away. He was given to us in a medium sized box, with little holes on the top so he could breathe. Luckily we lived about 15 minutes away, yet the poor thing still cried the whole ride home.

We had gotten him already his three story wooden house, made by a family friend who was a carpenter. As you can see in the photo below he had his little hiding spot, or room, with the door facing towards the sideway so he could have a bit more privacy.

He stayed in there for the majority of the following week, only coming out to eat or go to the bathroom when no one was around. He cried a bit when he heard we where close by.

Now this wasn't much of a surprise since the breeder had told us it takes them a while to get used to there new home and surroundings as well as people.

The foundation of their diet consists of pellets, specifically made for chinchillas, and some alfalfa. You can get them from almost any pet store or from the breeder where you got the chin. 

Additionally you can give them a wide variety of treats especially made for chinchillas, most are made for them as well as for other rodents: like rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs.

Fifi's top fave treats include: Papaya flavored type of gummies, Berry Yogurt cereal like treats and raisins.

You shouldn't give your chinchilla more than 1-2 treats a day, since it can give them stomach problems. Either way you should be aware of the consistency of their poop, since if they do develop any stomach issue you can treat as soon as possible.

They need to be in a quiet space with no air stream, as direct air (from the AC or a window/door) can really harm them. The breeder where we got him from later on told us about another one of his clients had her chinchilla pass away because of this. So since then we've been extra cautious, and have his assigned spaces: in the living room and in my sister's room, where he won't be exposed to this danger.

Chinchillas are very clean animals that do 90% of their grooming themselves. They don't bathe with water, instead they keep their fur clean with a dust bath about three times a week.

You can get the dust from your local pet store, some grocery stores that sell pet supplies may also have this (depending the country). Two-three times a week is the ideal frequency for their bathes. You place the dust in a especial chinchilla bath bowl or you can use a plastic bowl-container that´s deep and big enough for him to fit and roll around in it. You can change the dust once a week, or sooner if you notice too much poop in there.

Chinchillas will immediately rush to get inside and roll around.

Also be ready for some fur balls to appear every now and then, they do shed their old hair constantly (kind of like a cat I would say).

It´s also recommended that you brush your chinchilla´s fur every once in a while so he won´t get fur balls, cause once they get them they start to grow pretty quick and they can stay on them for a long time, so when it actually falls off it can leave them with a huge bare spot on them.

The ideal is to let them out every night 1-2 hours to run around in a chinchilla secured closed space.

Which means: no cables, energy outlet covered if possible (you can get those baby safe covers), no papers/books or any small item that he can chew on or swollen.

If you have smaller wooden items, other than big furniture pieces, like a wooden chair feel free to take it out of the room if you don't want your chin to personalize it for you.

As for the furniture you can't move, like a bed, closet, desk, you´ll have to risk getting some bitmarks here and there....or you can try covering the more reachable parts with a sheet or fabric cover.

We let Fifi out in my sister's room, which from 8-10ish pm becomes his room. We take out all the stuff that he can bite (that can be taken out of the room), like what's on her desk: notebooks, computer, papers; we unplug the tv and any other cables and leave them out of reach.

Out of reach: chinchilla´s may sometime if they´re left unsupervised or feeling a bit more adventurous go out of their regular exploring space and may jump a bit higher or try reaching new places that seemed to be out of reach for them, so it´s important to leave things where you consider they haven´t been able to reach before but also keep an eye on them as most as possible.

In our case, since it´s my sister´s room she´s in there 90% of the time, and if she has to go to the bathroom or goes somewhere else in the house, I take her spot or go check on him every 10-15 minutes.

But the ideal is for them to be supervised the whole time: they only get to come out for a very short amount of time in comparison to the amount they stay in their cage so it´s best to take that time off to go on your laptop, phone (without cables of course) or read a book, draw or write, you can make sure he doesn't take a bit of it being there.

Another great way for them to use up their energy is to get them a running wheel and install it in their cage, that way during the rest of the night while they´re up inside their cage they can keep a bit more active.

The wheel should be specifically for chinchillas since they need a bigger one than other rodents.

Chinchillas make a few different type of sounds from now and then that can indicate different things: fear, anger, arousal.
Chinchillas cry from now and then, mostly when in their hiding spot.

Here are a few samples of the sounds chinchillas make and their meanings:

  • Warning call: typically called "barking". Normal when they first come home and are adapting to new surroundings and strange new noises. As your chinchilla gets used to his new home, it will be a less frequent sound. Often they will "bark" while sleeping, surely from having bad dreams (there's no reason to believe that chinchilla's don't dream like humans and most animals do). 🔊 warning call - listen
  • Short alarm call: when scared from a sudden noise, it's common that they run away quickly to find a safe place, all while letting out this short shriek like noise. 
  • Fear and pain: common in shy and irritable chinchillas, or when they get hurt they will cry in pain.
  • Rage and anger: sounds like an angry grumble, common when a female chinchilla has a lot a babies and they fight with each other for getting fed. 
  • Marriage dispute: an angry grumple in situations where a male and a female chinchilla are confronting one another. 🔊 marriage dispute - listen
  • Baby contact sound: a baby chinchilla will come in contact with his mother nose to nose, and in the process squeak in a loud and high pitch form. It's a way of trying to get it's mother's attention to be fed or taken care of. 🔊baby contact - listen
  • Contact sound: a form of communicating with one another through a soft content grunt, often made when they are calm. Also may be heard in a situation where a lonely chinchilla longs for a play mate. 🔊 contact sound - listen
  • Decoy sound: made when a chinchilla wants something or is looking for something: beg for a snack, ask to be let out of his cage. 🔊 decoy - listen
  • Don't hurt me: when annoyed or cramped by another chinchilla, it indicates it's harmless and defenseless. 🔊 don't hurt me - listen
  • Protest: a grumpy noise made when annoyed or feeling pressed by another. 🔊 protest - listen
  • Defence: a short and powerful call like "kack-kack" meaning "Ouch" or "scram". Common in chinchilla mothers who are dealing with too demanding babies. Or when they don't want to be touch or bothered 🔊 defence- listen

Below I'm leaving you a list of basic and complimentary items you should get before getting bringing your chinchilla home.

  • Cage
  • Hideout
  • Dust Bath Bowl
  • Dust Bath
  • Alfalfa
  • Pellets
  • Treats
  • Brush
  • Aserrin
  • Chew Toy


  • Running Wheel

I hope sharing my experience and the basics I have learned about taking care of a chinchilla are helpful to you in some way. If you have any other particular questions that wasn't contemplated in this post, please feel free to leave it down below in the comments or DM at @lufrommars and I'll try to help you out with any additional information I may have about the issue.

If you already have a chinchilla or have gone and gotten one after reading this post, I'd love to know how it turned out and the little's one name, so don't hesitate to share your experience down below as well!

Thanks for stopping by and I will write to you in my next post.

Source of info. and sound files:

December 15, 2017

Benefit Faves First Impression: Ka Brow!, Porefessional, Hoola Bronzer, They're Real!

First impressions and review on ka brow! porefessional hoola bronzer and they're real mascara

I was lucky enough to receive one of these boxes of samples with Benefit products.

This is my first time trying this brand so I thought I´d shared my opinions and first experiences on here.
Tuve la suerte de  recibir una caja de muestras de productos de Benefit.

Esta fue mi primera vez probando la marca así que pensé que sería bueno compartir mis opiniones y primera experiencia aquí.


First impressions and review on ka brow! porefessional hoola bronzer and they're real mascara

Ka Brow! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review before and after photos of ka brow! brow gel para cejas antes y despues reseña

The most adorable and practical packaging I have seen!

Now on to the product...

I love brow products, since I always tend to have uneven brows to fix up. And this was no disappointment.

It's a super smooth brow gel, that comes in 6 shades. Mine´s is in shade 3 - medium.

El empaque más adorable y práctico que he visto!

Ahora sobre el producto...

Amo los productos para cejas ya que siempre suelo tener cejas disparejas que retocar. Y este no decepcionó.

Es un gel super suave que viene en 6 tonos. Este que estoy probando es el tono #3 - medium.

Review ka brow! brow gel before and after reseña gel cejas antes y después

Really easy application, looks natural and really put together at the same time.

The angled application brush is great too!

La aplicación es super sencilla. Se ve natural y da resultados super parejos.

El pincel de aplicación angulado ¡es genial también!

Review ka brow! brow gel before and after reseña gel cejas antes y después

Review ka brow! brow gel before and after reseña gel cejas antes y después

Review ka brow! brow gel before and after reseña gel cejas antes y después

Review ka brow! brow gel before and after reseña gel cejas antes y después

(By the way please ignore the one lash with mascara and one without situation. / Por cierto, por favor ignoren toda la situación de un ojo con rimel y el otro sin.)

Porefessional ⭐⭐

Review porefessional before and after on big pores, reseña antes y después poros grandes

I hate to say this, but my very first impression of this was pretty bad...

Of course I had big expectations considering all the great things people say on the internet about this being THE pore minimizer product.

Odio decir esto, pero mi primera impresión the esto fue bastante mala.

Claro que tenía altas expectativas considerando todas las cosas buenas que dice la gente sobre este producto en internet, tildandolo de EL producto para minimizar poros.

Review porefessional before and after on big pores, reseña antes y después poros grandes

At the same time, I have huge and really noticeable pores (on my nose and on my cheeks around it) so I wasn't really expecting  any miracles of it to do much on them.

(Leaving you a photo below so you can see what my situation is regarding pores).

Al mismo tiempo, tengo poros enormes y bastante notables (en mi nariz y en mis mejillas alrededor de ésta) así que no me esperaba ningún milagro de que hiciera demasiado.

(Les dejo una foto debajo para que vean mi situación en cuanto a poros).

Review porefessional before and after on big pores, reseña antes y después poros grandes

The only good thing about having huge pores is that you can test out this type of product on them and get the truth and nothing but the truth.


Sort of.
Lo único bueno de tener poros grandes se podría decir es que podés probar este tipos de producto sobre ellos y conocer la verdad y nada más que la verdad.


En parte.

Review porefessional before and after on big pores, reseña antes y después poros grandes

Like I was saying, really bad first impression of this. It did nothing for my pores. It was like applying a bb cream. Because yes, it is a tinted balm.

After such a disappointing moment I went on to look up first impressions videos on this (I tried to film one myself, but failed so hard, sorry). And most were people saying good things about it, again. Of course most likely most of those people don't have pore issues like me, from what I could tell.

Another thing I noticed from those videos, people saying to pat it softly onto the concern area.
Whoops....guess it was my bad just rubbing it on like I would do with a primer.
And they also mentioned to give it a few seconds, minutes, to let it do it's magic.

So I'm gonna give it another try and post on update on here when I see how that goes.
Como estaba diciéndoles, fue una muy mala primera impresión la que obtuve de este producto. No hizo absolutamente nada en mis poros. Fue como aplicarme una bb cream. Porque si, es un bálsamo pigmentado.

Luego de tan grande decepción me puse a buscar videos de primeras impresiones de los demás (intenté filmar uno yo misma, pero fracasé, perdón). Y la mayoría de ellos eran de gente diciendo cosas buenas al respecto, de nuevo. Claro que sospecho que la mayoría de esas personas no tiene los problemas de poros que tengo yo (enormes), por lo que pude notar al menos.

Otra cosa que noté de esos videos fue que se mencionaba que se debía aplicar con pequeños golpecitos en el área problemática.
Whoops...supongo que mi error fue frotarlo como haría con un primer.
Y además decía que se debía darle unos segundos, minutos, para que haga lo suyo.

Así que voy a darle otra oportunidad y subiré una actualización aquí una vez vea como sale.

Review porefessional before and after on big pores, reseña antes y después poros grandes

Update: Nope. Just nope. Tried it on and the only change I saw in the appearance of my nose was the super dry skin-residue patches it left me on the side of my nose (more than usual, since I do have dry skin on that area of my nose).

Update #2: Ok, so I was just making a photo to photo comparison collage to put on here and I actually noticed a difference in my pores. Don´t know if it´s the lighting or if it actually did what it claims to do.
The difference is mostly in the color of my pores I would say, minimizing them in the end.

Hm. I have so many mixed feelings now!!
If I could fix the drying skin situation, maybe it wouldn´t hurt to use this under my foundation or bb cream.
Update: No. Simplemente, no. No me va a funcionar.
Volví a aplicármelo con toques suaves en lugar de esparcirlo frotándolo y la única diferencia que noté en mi nariz fue un parche de piel seca que me dejó en un costado de la nariz (más de lo usual, ya que tengo la piel seca en esa zona de mi nariz).

Update #2: Bien, estaba armando una comparación de antes y después para poner en el post y realmente noté una diferencia en mis poros.
No sé si será la luz o si realmente hizo lo que proclama hacer.
Diría que la diferencia mayoritariamente está en el color de mis poros, minimizándolos al fin y al cabo.

Hm. ¡¡Realmente me genera sentimientos encontrados!!
Si pudiese solucionar el tema del resecamiento de piel quizá valdría la pena usar esto debajo de mi base o bb cream.

Hoola Bronzer ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review hoola bronzer, benefit. Before and after photos. Reseña hoola bronzer antes y después, primera impresión

Only one word.


This is such a beautiful bronze shade. No shimmer.

The only thing I wasn't to keen on was the little brush it comes with. Makes it super hard to blend out the product, which is something I have to do really well since my skin is pretty light.

But other than that, I loved it.

Move over old Sanrio Hello Kitty bronzer, gonna be using this in my makeup routine instead (sorry not sorry).
Solo una palabra.


Es un tono de bronzer tan hermoso. Sin brillito.

Lo único que no me fascinó del todo fue la brocha que trae. Hace que sea demasiado complicado difuminar el producto, lo cual es super necesario en mi caso ya que mi tono de piel es super claro.

Pero aparte de eso, lo amé.

A un lado viejo bronzer de Hello Kitty de Sanrio, estaré usando este en mi rutina de maquillaje de ahora en más (sorry not sorry)

Review hoola bronzer, benefit. Before and after photos. Reseña hoola bronzer antes y después, primera impresión

Review hoola bronzer, benefit. Before and after photos. Reseña hoola bronzer antes y después, primera impresión

They're Real ⭐⭐

Review, before and after photos. Reseña, antes y después fotos. Primera impresión they´re real rimmel

Now on this one I'm afraid my opinion isn't gonna be as helpful as it should.

There's no way to say this without sounding like I´m bragging, sorry......but I have naturally really long eyelashes.

There I said it.

So having this in mind, I really never use mascara, at all.

I have tried some out, but they make my lashes look super exaggerated  like over the top. And sometimes even lumpy space princess.

Ahora con este, no creo que sea muy útil mi opinión al respecto como debería serlo.

No hay forma de decir esto sin sonar a que presumo, lo siento....... pero tengo pestañas super largas naturalemente.

Listo, lo dije.

Teniendo esto en cuenta, realmente nunca uso rimmel, para nada.

He probado algunos, pero hacen que mis pestañas se vean super exageradas. Y a veces hasta las deja princesa grumosas.

Review, before and after photos. Reseña, antes y después fotos. Primera impresión they´re real rimmel
I had just that happen with this product. Not so much the lumpy part, but the ridiculously long one. That's not as bad though as making some of my lashes stick to each other. So a little extra brushing there is needed, with a simple lash brush (no product on).

I do love the look of the applicator.
Again, I don't know much about this stuff haha. But it's not the regular applicator you see on most mascaras. So I guess it must apply on differently (better?)

I will use this if I ever need to apply mascara. Like for halloween, or some super dressed up event.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the packaging. It's more normal looking than the rest of the Benefit products that tend to be on the more creative and innovative side. It´s like a regular mascara packaging.
Eso mismo me paso con este producto, no tanto lo de los grumos sino lo de dejarlas exageradamente largas. Pero lo peor diría que fue que me dejó unas cuantas pestañas pegadas unas con otras.
Así que sería necesario peinarlas con un peinesito de esos tipo rimmel (sin producto).

Lo que si amé fue el aplicador.
De nuevo, no se mucho sobre estas cosas jaja. Pero no tiene la apariencia de los aplicadores que suelen tener la mayoría de las mascarillas de pestañas. Así que supongo que debe aplicarse diferente (mejor?).

Oh, y casi se me olvida mencionar el packaging. Es un típico packaging de rimmel, distinto al resto del de los demás productos de Benefit que se destacan por ser más innovadores y creativos

Review, before and after photos. Reseña, antes y después fotos. Primera impresión they´re real rimmel

Update: Well it looks like this whole editing thing really makes you see things differently.

Turns out that looking at the before and after shots it doesn´t seem so dramatic, considering that my lashes are pretty long to begin with.

I do like actually how it looks, so I´m gonna have to be a little more daring and add this extra step into my makeup routine every once in a while.
Update: Bueno, parece que esto de editar fotos realmente te hace ver las cosas de distinta manera.

Resulta que viendo ahora bien en comparación no me parece tan dramática la diferencia, dado que para empezar son largas mis pestañas.

Me gusta de hecho como me queda esta mascara de pestañas, así que trataré de animarme a agregar este paso adicional en mi rutina de maquillaje de vez en cuando.

Review, before and after photos. Reseña, antes y después fotos. Primera impresión they´re real rimmel

And that is all. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and reading me. I hope it was helpful in someway.

I know most of the times these product experiences and results vary quiet a lot depending on the person and their trouble areas, beauty/skin concerns and features. But I thought it might me useful to have one more point of view on these products on the web.

Let me know if you´ve tried any of these products or recommend any other by Benefit.

Till the next post then.
Y eso es todo. Muchas gracias por pasarte por mi blog y leerme. Espero que haya sido de útil este post.

Se que la mayoría de las veces este tipo de experiencias de producto y resultados tienden a variar bastante dependiendo de la persona, sus problemas de piel y rasgos. Pero creí que sería útil que hubiese un punto de vista más sobre estos productos en la web.

Dejame saber si has probado alguno de estos productos o recomiendas algún otro de la marca Benefit.

Hasta el próximo post entonces.

Disclaimer: I got all these products as samples courtesy of Influenster to try out. The opinions expressed on this post are completely honest and mine only.

Aclaración: Obtuve todos estas muestras de cortesía de producto de Influnster para probarlas. Las opiniones expresadas en este post son completamente honestas y propias.

May 22, 2017

18 Affordable Online Stores

Everyone that knows me personally knows I buy online quite a lot. So I have been asked about what online stores I buy from, which I recommend that are affordable and so on. So I decided to put up this list of some the stores I have personally bought from and others which I haven't but I have seen they have really great deals and are affordable in general.

March 9, 2017

10 cosas para hacer en vez de comer

Aburrido...comes algo.

Cansado...comes algo. 

Sociales...comes algo. 

Te sentís bajoneado...comes algo.

Comer es una distracción como cualquier otra, pero la realidad es que mejor sería distraerse con algo que no sea comestible y ahorrarte ese aumento de peso y sensación de hinchazón.

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