May 22, 2017

18 Affordable Online Stores

Everyone that knows me personally knows I buy online quite a lot. So I have been asked about what online stores I buy from, which I recommend that are affordable and so on. So I decided to put up this list of some the stores I have personally bought from and others which I haven't but I have seen they have really great deals and are affordable in general.

1. Forever 21

This is probably the one in the list that you already know. Whether you actually shop there or not. Like almost at all stores, the most satisfying place to actually get items from is the sale/clearance section. Especially since it´s a fast fashion store, most stuff ends up there in a few months anyways. And nothing more frustrating than making a purchase and then finding out it´s been reduced to half the price!

But if you´d actually like something that´s not on sale, you can actually afford the splurge, since most of their clothing pieces don´t go over $40 (most, there´s always exceptions, and of course this is being said excluding the items from more pricey brands that they now carry, that can easily get to three digits)

Quality: Decent-ok Depends on the item, most last more than a season.
Shipping: free over $50 -regularly-

But let me just quickly mention something quality related. You´d probably wanna actually read the materials a piece is made of. Especially sweaters. Not so long ago, I purchased a very soft and chunky grey sweater, love at first sight. But didn´t last much, cause it was almost entierly made of sinthetic material, resulting in it ending up cover in fuzzy linting, the type that can´t be removed with a roller.

However, I happened to gotten another sweater afterwards, without actually being awared of how important the actual material that´s it made of is, and didn´t have any issue what so ever. It remains soft and lint free. Cause it´s more than 60% cotton.

So cotton when it comes to sweaters is the way to go. The more the better.

2. Delias

I´d known this store from before it shut down and opened again with totally new management. Let me just say that I can fully understand why it had to shut down to begin with. They had insane sale prices, I´d bough graphic tank tops and t-shirt, for 5-3 dollars. And good quality and most licensed.

Opening again, they tend to have the same stuff. Literally, some stuff is the same, probaly couldn´t sell it even after months of closeout sales. Only now they don´t go THAT crazy with their prices, and I haven´t seen much that actually catches my eye. Haven´t bought there since before it had to close.

But I´ll still include in this list.

3. Tillys

They carry cool urban brands like: Vans, Adidas, Obey, Huf, Santa Cruz, Nixon, Converse, Crooks, The Herschel, Levis, Rip Curl, Zoo York, Casio, Glamour Kills, Volcom, Billabong, Ethnies, Quicksilver, Roxy, Toms, Keds, Supra, DGK, DC, Nike, GoPro Camera, Neff, and tons more.

You get the best out of the deals you find if you spend more then $59.00, since their stander shipping is around $8.00, which is pricey compared to other online stores.

They offer international shipping as well.

4. Zumiez

They carry same kind of urban brands that Tillys does.

Never actually gotten the chance to order from here,not really found anything that I was particularly looking for, but I've seen really cheap stuff in their sale section always (it has often an extra 50% off)

 And most definitely check out their OUTLET section for really reduced prices (as low as $0.97)

5. Walmart

Probably the best place to buy a wide variety of stuff. Walmarts tends to have 98% of the time the best prices compared to other places. And that includes clothing too. The best deal I got from here from the clothing section, online of course, was Hane's Women Sweatshirts. A pack of 2 for $9.00 (that's $4.50 each!).

They also have the best prices on drugstore makeup: Maybelline, Elf, Loreal, Revlon...

6. Charlotte Russe

LOTS of amazing deals. Got two pair of ripped boyfriend jeans from here, for only $15 each! They're super soft and comfortable. So you get a really great price for more than decent quality items.

7. Aeropostale

The sale/cleareance section here has lots of amazing deals. And if you get the chance to go to the phisical store, even better. They always have crazy deals in the clearance section there too: $5 dresses, $10 sweaters, $3 T-shirts....

8. Old Navy

The cheaper version of GAP (they are sister stores afterall). Awesome for buying basics. They tend to have

9. Aliexpress

The chineese version of Amazon. Find millions of different sellers, and a huge variety of items. From electronics to makeup. It let's you see other users' reviews right in each product's page. Most sellers offer free shipping to anywhere around the world, but especially to the U.S., where the shipping is faster than other countries (5-12 days).

I'll try to write a post especifcally for Aliexpress: how to browse the site, buy, what to expect, shipping Q&A, tips for getting the best prices, and other similar stuff.

10. Macys

Another department store that has good finds here and there. Though the shipping is $8.00 which is pricey, if you´re only buying a $10 dollar deal.

11. Sears

Another deparment store that has amazing deals on appearl and shoes. Despite of being owned by the same owner/company as Kmart, Sears carries some well known brands: Nike, New Balance, Reebok, etc.

12. Urban Planet (canadian)

They ship to canadian and american addresses only at the moment, and from their you can find many companies that provide you with a national address or national P.O. Box to ship your order to and then they re-ship it to your country.

13. Ardene (Canada and U.S.)

Another store that has super low deals, like 5-10 dollars deals. Just hoping this one doesn´t have to shut down...

14. Go Jane

Never actually bought from here, but they have trendy clothing at affordable prices. Used to be a partner site with Delias.

15. Agaci Store

Haven't actually ordered from this store, but plan to in the future cause they have really affordable and nice clothing.

16. Boo Hoo

Same as the one above.

17. Rue 21

Again, another store that I haven't ordered from, but have seen they have really affordable and stylish pieces.

18. H&M

This is one of my favorite affordable stores ever, but in person. Online I haven't really found that many bargains as in person ($7 jeans, $2 tank dresses). But it still has super affordable deals.


Also remember that if you're buying from outside the U.S. from any of these pages, most offer either international shipping or a U.S. address based service (they give you an U.S. address to send your stuff to and then take care of getting your order shipped to your country).

If you know any other online store that sales affordable women-juniors clothing that's not mentioned on this list, share it in the comments section below so others can know of it too.

Thanks for stopping by and reading me.
See ya on my next post! XO


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