April 5, 2016

First Impression: John Frieda Forever Smooth Collection

I received my first Influenster Vox Box the other day. Also my first time using John Frieda products. They sent me their Smooth Forever - Frizz Ease Collection, which I can't deny, it's a perfect match for my current hair situation.

I had it bleached a few months ago to achieve an ombre look, and even though I was surprised by how healthy it turned out, I have been noticing some split ends showing up as well as a frizzy overall situation.

My first impression was thankfully a good one. I started using the three steps (shampoo, conditioner and primer) all at the same time, since it's always what it recommended to achieve a better result.

Now, I have been using for quite a long time the Head & Shoulders shampoo, since I suffer from dandruff, and it's the only way I can contain that problem. But the downside of that, is that it ends up drying up hair in the long run. I applied this Smooth Forever shampoo on the length of my hair, avoiding the scalp area because dandruff, that's why.

It's a very hydrating formula but not to the point that it leaves your hair oily. The same goes for the conditioner, which I leave it to set in for about three minutes and then proceed to rinse it out.

Now, for the primer, I didn't wanna overwhelm my hair with so much hydrating products, so I applied  it the morning after, which is when my hair tends to get all over the place. The result, it managed to lock in all my split ends and frizzed out strands.

I will be trying out some of their other collections, since I have been eyeing their website and spotted a few other products that are of my interest. So expect to see those reviewed on here as well.


If you have hair like mine:


I would recommend you give this a try. Get a sample if you must, just in case, because everyone's hair doesn't tend to react the same way. But I'm pretty sure this is a good option for people with dry strands like me.

Thanks for reading me, I'll see you on my next post.

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