August 9, 2016

Colourpop First Impression - Ultra Matte & Lippie Stix / Review

So here it is, my first COLOURPOP purchase. I got two Lippie Stix (one´s a primer) and two Ultra Matte Liquid lipsticks.


Super nice matte finish
Drys pretty quick


Like way too takes some effort to fully remove
Dries lips
Careful not to stain clothes when applying...since it´s so hard to remove from lips, I´d imagine it´d be the same or worst if you tried removing from fabric.

They come in really cute individual boxes. Overall the shopping experience on their website was amazing, they had a huge variety of shades in stock and shipped out really quick, like in about 24 hours or less. The shipping was also quick, I selected normal ground shipping and it arrived two days after it shipped out (even though in the package it said it was shipped via 2 day shipping, maybe it had to due with the fact that it was a big order, no idea).

They ship it also in a very cute box, at least big orders, that you can easily re use as storage.

I would like to point out that the shades look pretty different from what they look like in the tubes to what they look like when applied, but regarding the photos that are shown in the website, they are an exact match (the photo that shows how it looks applied).

They have a pretty soft and neat applicator. Though it´s very recommended to slid off the excess of lip product when applying so you won´t turn out with darker patches on the parts you first applied (or if you rather not do that, you can always go over the areas that aren´t as dark with another layer)

And also a really nice and creamy consistency, drying pretty fast too on the lips (I´d say a bit faster than the NYX lip cream formula). As fast as they do dry, that´s as quick as you´ll start feeling your lips getting dried up. So yes, it´s really a good idea to moisturize your lips a while before applying this product (and why not, if you also wanna exfoliate your lips, I´d say there´s no better timing than this)

I obviously need practice in applying these (and lip liner!) haha.

I´d pointed out that is´s pretty hard to remove this from your lips, at least the Ultra Matte ones. So let me show you what I mean with that....

Yup, that was the result of using a makeup remover towelette, (twice!) on my arm where I swatched the two Ultra Matte shades. 

I´d say I needed about 10 (mildy rough) swipes with the moist towelette to fully remove all of it.

And when you just thought you had finally completely removed all that lip cream...

Well, almost..


So from the Lippie Stix, I got a primer which is just a clear lip crayon, and I got the shade Bull Chic which is a black shade (cause I have been wanting a black lipstick for way too long).

The lippie stixs have a diagonal tip so you can apply it thinly or thickly. Another con for these is that you can´t see from plain view which is which shade, gotta check the bottom part of the tube.

Um yes, a lip liner (or a simple black pencil eyeliner) is very much needed. The same goes for any other darkish shade.

¿which are your fave shades from Colourpop? I'm planning on trying some more lighter/nude shades up next.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have so more reviews on other lipsticks and beauty products I purchased to do and post on here, so stick around for those.


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