April 18, 2015

I highly DON'T recommend these sandals....

I have been wanting to do this review for quite a while now.... ugh this was probably one of the most dissapointing purchases I have made so far in the last few years.

I got these SHAKUHACHI sandals in the Urban Outfitters located at Herald Square, in mid January. I wasn't looking for anything specific, and didn't have a big budget at the time either, so when I walked past the shoe section on the second floor, on my way the dressing room, a few pair of shoes caught my attention (gorgeous, but pricey, pricey, pricey) and on my way back from the dressing room, I noticed a table with some other mix of shoes and sandals that had a "Extra 50% off" sign. These obviously caught my attention, and when I saw they were priced at only $20.00, I swear my heart stopped for a second there. The crazy thing that crossed my mind was.... wait, does that mean these are $10.00?!?!
Being originally priced at $140.00, I was having a hard time buying into it.

You can check them out here, on UO's page

I inmeditatley asked to try them on, and luckily they had my size (8/38). They fit on nicely and had a ver confortable sole as well. And might I say now, that they didn't fool me with that, cause even after how shitty (it hurts to insult them like that, but you just wait and read me out a bit more and you'll understand) they turned out to be, the soles are just sooo comfty. So the sole of my feet don't hurt me at all with these.

BUT.....the straps, oh my God....

Yeah, the straps are just so awesome looking, and not to mention that I have thin feet, so with sandals my problem tends to be that even though they clasp onto my ankle, there's some extra space in the back of it...so the adjustable cool looking straps where perfect for me considering that problem.

So I was so drilled when I tried them on and noticed the handy straps, the comfty sole, and don't even get me started on the price (they were $20.00, apparentley the discount had already been taken off, duh(? ) But after walking in them a month later when I finally wore them out, I walked about 20 blocks and the straps started to hurt me, on the inner side of my feet.

And on top of that, a few days later this happened:

Yeah, one of a plastic thingy on the front strap on one sandal broke, plus they started peeling off! :'(

CONLUSION: I highly don't recommend you buying these sandals....unless they're super cheap at $20.00-$10.00(?

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