February 24, 2016

NYC Photo Diary


As a way of reminiscing on an amazing trip made last year with my bestie, I wanted to share some of the photos I was able to take while we explored around the big apple. It was midwinter, so yes, you may see us under all those bundles of clothes.

Oh, the memories. I'm left dreaming away about our next trip (in the making for 2017). 
So, yeah, I wanted to get back at blogging. I know I was just starting and had so many ideas in mind to write about, but then freaking exams had to show up and ruin everything. Luckily as I write this, I have finished taking my last exam of this exam period, yay! Looking forward to finally doing all the stuff I had planned out in my last post for this new year motivation wise, so that means getting in DIY mood and putting together my vision board at last, as well as starting my scrapbook and doing a cute and simple DIY calendar to keep track of my obligations better. 

I'll be trying to make the most out of this last week of vacay and hopefully it'll all end up showcased here in some way. 

Till the weekend then.... xoxo

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