December 30, 2015

Get Your Game On This 2016

This 2015 has been much more filled with motivation then other previous years. That being said, there are still lots of creative and cute ideas I had going on in my head throughout the year, that I never ended up putting in practice. So what better moment than the start of a fresh new year, and also while I'm on school break, to apply those handy and inspiring ideas into my life.

Here, I share with you those ideas in hopes that they'll be somehow useful to you too:

I have read about these a few years ago and really liked the idea. But of course, if you don't actually DO something to make it happen, it won't magically appear in front of you. This should be kept in mind when using these boards. The main purpose of this board that you fill with images, words and quotes of things you wish to achieve in life or you aspire to will get you nowhere if you just use it as some form of decoration for your room. So you have to really, really take some time to sit down and select the exact content that you're gonna put on there. In some cases it tends to be a better choice to use more general representations then super specific and even more, super harder to achieve goals.

Of course you can modify the content of the board whenever you feel it needs to be updated, be it because you reached a goal on there or simply cause your goals have changed for any reason.

How to get the best out of your vision/inspiration board:

- Avoid filling the board with too many pictures: as this can make it difficult to focus on the key points and goals that your trying take in every time you make eye contact with your vision board.

- Be clear about what you want: if you yourself are not sure about what exactly it is you want to achieve or aspire to accomplish, how is your board gonna be of any help? Take as much time as you need to write down what it is your after, using a draft and making any changes that need to be made before putting together your board.

- Find the perfect place to hang your board: it needs to be at a visible place, so that you can make contact with it on a daily basis. A recommended place would be in your bedroom across your bed or near it, so you see it every night when you go to bed and most importantly every morning when you wake up.

- Place pictures you like of yourself as well: this will help you see yourself as the one having all those things you place the board, instead of just being a simple observer.

- Take action: the board should motivate you to take those necessary steps that will bring you closer to achieving your goals. Use it as what it is, a reminder of why should keep moving forward towards your dreams.

- Share your dreams: some personals stuff may be better kept personal, but if you have a big dream of achieving something outstanding, don't be afraid of sharing it with people you trust, your closest friends and family. Many times you will need some support and might even get more help and make a bigger progress then you expect it.

You can save some money on a calendar by doing one yourself. There are plenty of different printable calendars online, or you can customize your own with Excel and some high quality photos of your choice. 

This last thing it what I'm planning on doing, so I'll be posting the template I use and instructions to print out your own professional looking calendar for this 2016. Look forward to that in an upcoming post (I'll make sure to link here as soon as it's up)

This is something that I had in mind for years and even a few months ago I bought a binder to do my own scrapbook album. Since the scrapbook albums are hard to find here where I live, or if you do find them they are really expensive, I decided to go ahead and do my own. 

This is perfect timing for doing this project, since I have already been saving little memories (tickets, cards, photos) from this past year, especially a trip a took at the beginning of the year. But I'm sharing this now with you because you can do your own scrapbook from scratch (well from a binder at least that's the idea) and through out the year save little memories like I did so when you get to New Year's you can put together the previous year in the scrapbook, and of course keep doing the same process for the years to come or until you feel satisfied with your memory book.

 I know you're probably reading this and if your not really the type of person that's super organized and uses planners and all that, you're thinking you're not really gonna be too into this. But hold on a second there, cause I'm not that type of person either, so I'm actually thinking of doing something a little bit different.

I suggest instead of a planner, you should get yourself a journal with no dates or years marked. This last part will be done when your write an entry, note, or whatever you wanna call it. That way you're not obligated to actually write something everyday to use up the pages. You can just use them at your own pace and not limit yourself to a certain length of writing either. This is what I'll be doing this year at least, to give journaling a go, since all those planners that I have been given since I was 12 daily have never been actually used.

Also, this is more intended to be used as a sort of diary to register things that happen in your life, how those events make you feel and vent out all that's going on your mind. 
If even then you still don't know what to write down in a journal, I'll leave down some cool ideas you can use to break the ice with yourself. That's the hardest part when it comes to any new habit you want to adopt.

What to write about in your journal:
- Things you're grateful for
- Write a letter to someone who's really important to you at the moment
- Things that have been keeping you up at night
- Do a list of positive things you appreciate about yourself (don't skip this, we all got our own positive things that makes us who we are)
-Write a letter to a younger you
- Write a letter to your future self (you can do this first and then reply after some time)
-Write down your three pet peeves
-Write three things you would do if you were less afraid
-The things that make you happy 
-What made you feel good this past week?
-What was the biggest mistake you made this past week?
-Describe your ideal significant other (this is your personal space, you can be as selfish and as unrealistic as you want, no shame)

For planning purposes I use a calender on my wall, hung up on a visible spot in my room (you also use it in your kitchen or a place you spend quite a lot of time in), and for while I'm on the go I use an app on my smartphone called To Do Reminder, but there's plenty of more similar apps to choose (and at no cost).

Also, if you'd like a more guided type of journal, I'll list below two really cool ones:

- Wreck This Journal (in it's various editions)

I'll be taking this first month of 2016 to get together all these projects to make the best of this year and I'll be sure to share the finished pieces on here, as well as a more detailed step by step of how I did it.

Happy New Year! 
May 2016 be an outstanding and awesome new opportunity for you.

Thanks for reading xox 


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